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North Carolina Bail Bonds

A. Broadway Bail Bonds is located in North Carolina. Our Bail Bonding agents are available 24 hours. In certain situations, we can offer payment plans if needed. Do not hesitate to give our bail bondsman a call at 336-266-4082. Our Bail Bonding office is minutes from most jails.

What We Need To Know

In order for us to begin the release process, we will need to collect preliminary information about the person in custody. Be prepared to provide the Defendants First & Last Name

  • Defendants First & Last Name
  • Defendants Birthday (The Age of the defendant will work.)
  • Charges (If you do not know we will find out.)
  • Jail location
  • Bond Amount (If you do not know we will find out.)

Who Can Sign a Defendant out of Jail

In most cases, the defendant will need an Indemnitor aka Cosigner to post a bail bond. The co-signer is a responsible adult over the age of 21, usually a friend or family member of the defendant, and willing to cooperate with A.Broadway Bail Bonds to guarantee the principal’s appearance in court.

Once you have gathered the preliminary information and identified a co-signer, you are ready to speak directly with a Bail Bonding agent

North Carolina Counties

We post Bail Bonds in All North Carolina Counties


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