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Mecklenburg County Bail Bonds

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Mecklenburg County Bail Bonds

A. Broadway Bail Bonds is Charlotte North Carolina's leading Charlotte bail bonds agency located in Mecklenburg County. They specialize in understanding your entire legal process and offer comprehensive Charlotte bail bonds to their clients from all walks of life. A. Broadway Bail Bonds strive to deliver reliable, professional, and courteous Charlotte bail bonds services that allow clients to secure freedom within a timely fashion. Their Charlotte bond experts are knowledgeable and friendly - always ready to answer questions and provide helpful solutions for those seeking Charlotte bail bonds in Mecklenburg County Charlotte North Carolina. With years of experience dealing with the criminal justice system and knowing it inside-out, you can rest assured that A. Broadway Bail Bonds will make sure your experience is done as smoothly as possible.

For us to begin the release process, we will need to collect preliminary information about the person in custody. Be prepared to
provide the

  • Defendants First & Last Name
  • Defendants Birthday
  • Charges
  • Jail location
  • Bond Amount

In most cases, the defendant will need a co-signer (also referred to as an Indemnitor) to post bond. The co-signer is a responsible adult over the age of 21, usually a friend or family member of the defendant, and willing to cooperate with A. Broadway Bail Bonds to guarantee the principal’s appearance in court.

Once you have gathered the preliminary information and identified a co-signer, you are ready to speak directly with an agent. Call A. Broadway Bail Bonds immediately at 336-792-5100