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Cabarrus County Bail Bonds

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Cabarrus County Bail Bonds

Post a bail bond 24/7 in Concord, North Carolina which is located in Cabarrus County. Our bail bondsman are readily available to help. Our bail bonding agents have over 10+ years of experience. The bail bond agents are knowledgeable about the process and best way to release your loved one from jail. Call our bail bond company today for affordable rates and fast service.  Call 336-266-4082 

What You Need to Know

In order for us to begin the release process we will need to collect preliminary information about the person in custody. Be prepared to provide the Defendants First & Last Name

  • Defendants First & Last Name
  • Defendants Birthday (The Age of the defendant will work.)
  • Charges (If you do not know we will find out.)
  • Jail location
  • Bond Amount (If you do not know we will find out.)

Who Can Sign a Defendant Out of Jail

In most cases, the defendant will need an Indemnitor aka Cosigner to post a bail bond. The co-signer is a responsible adult over the age of 21, usually a friend or family member of the defendant, and willing to cooperate with A.Broadway Bail Bonds to guarantee the principal’s appearance in court.

Once you have gathered the preliminary information and identified a co-signer, you are ready to speak directly with a Bail Bonding agent

Reason For A Bail Bondsman To Revoke a Bail Bond before Failure to Appear

Leaves the state without permission

Violates any court order

Physically hides from the surety in any way

Willfully fails to pay the full premium

Fails to make a premium payment as agreed

Changes their address without notifying the surety prior to the move

Provides any false information about failure to appear in court, past convictions, or pending charges – or fails to provide the information at all

Provides a false name or alias or provides incorrect identification of any kind

Cost Of Doing Business With A Bondsman

In the State of North Carolina, a bail bondsman can charge up to 15% of the bail amount. The Bail Bond premium must be paid up front for the bail bonds service to handle its obligations with the court.

Bail Bondsman can only take up to 100% of the face amount of the bond for Collateral. 

All premium must be returned once the court case has been dissolved. The bail bond premium paid is non-refundable unless the bail bondsman surredners the defendant for no reason.